• Are your pay levels competitive with those of other employers in your industry/geographical market?
• Do you directly contact other employers to determine competitive wages?
• Do you believe your executives receive a competitive pay package? Does this pay package fall under the definition of reasonable compensation' as described by the IRS?
• Does your organization use formal criteria for the achievement of bonus / incentive awards?
• Does your organization recognize performance achievement for long-term results (three to five year period)?
• Do you have sales incentive plans that provide the greatest rewards to those who contribute the greatest to meeting corporate sales goals?
• Do you utilize a formal job evaluation system for your employee data?
• Do you engage individuals to perform services for your organization as independent contractors?
• Are employees classified as exempt or non-exempt according to the FLSA definitions enacted in August 2004?
• Have you measured the effectiveness of your compensation programs?
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"I sit on the board of a mid-cap company and served as the Chairman of the Board's HR Committee. After a competitive RFP process that included the largest HR consulting firms in the country, we retained Rodney Cottrell of Corporate Compensation Partners. I personally reviewed all RFP responses and sat through the presentations of the short-listed firms. Both his RFP response and personal interview were of a quality vastly superior to that of the other firms. Rodney worked with us to create a reasonable and effective Long Term Incentive Program for our company that has met with great success with our management team. We subsequently retained him to advise us on other HR-related issues and he continues to serve as an advisor to the board. I would highly recommend Rodney to companies, large or small."